Sajina Thapa

Disability: Cerebral Palsy

Age: 14

Address: Bidur, Nuwakot

Admission Date: 2073/03/02

Interest: Listen to Songs

Class For: Distinguish Objects via Touch


  1. Her parents did not care for her. They kept her in a dark room with a bed inside.
  2. She was not given space to be able to walk properly.
  3. The room was fully dark and not a little bit of sunlight passed through it.
  4. She was found in a really disastrous state which used to reek of urine and stool.

Past Condition:

  1. She was not toilet trained.
  2. She was non-responsive to sunlight since she had not seen it in quite some time.
  3. She used to scratch other and bite others sometimes.
  4. She was not able to speak or even make an eye contact.

Present Condition:

  1. She still uses the diaper for sanitary purpose.
  2. She has started to move in daylight and started playing outside.
  3. Her behavior has improved to a large extent, as she is very friendly now.
  4. She is now able to walk some distance via support of others.