Diwas Uprety

Disability: Intellectual Disability

Age: 12

Address: Nuwakot

Admission Date: 2074/09/17

Interest: Read and Sing Songs

Class For: Read Newspapers and other Books


  1. His parents admitted him here with us.
  2. His parents are caring and supportive of their son and provide him with love and affection.

Past Condition:

  1. He had hard legs and hands, due to which he not able to walk and hold anything properly.
  2. He uses a wheelchair to move around.
  3. His hands used to tighten up when he speaks something.

Present Condition:

  1. Physio Classes was given to him and his muscles have softened to some extent.
  2. His education is going good but he is only able to express everything in words and is not able to write.
  3. He communicates well with other students and people.