Bikesh Adhikari

Disability: Mild Mental Retardation

Age: 20

Address: Tokha

Admission Date: 2074/10/27

Interest: Likes to Travel to New Places

Class For: Routine Activities


  1. His parents are the one who admitted him here with us.
  2. Their parents care for him properly at home as well.

Past Condition:

  1. He had stiff hands and legs.
  2. He was also not able to speak at all.
  3. He was not even toilet trained, and we had to take him to the toilet ourselves.

Present Condition:

  1. He is able to understand some words now and he was able to learn some of the sign languages.
  2. Its the same with his physical activities, it’s slow but showing some improvements.
  3. He is focussed on being toilet trained and we are trying to teach him the same.