Anjana Basnet

Disability: Mild Mental Retardation

Age: 17

Address: Jhapa, Nepal

Admission Date: 2073/05/08

Interest: Loves To Dance

Class For: Read Books


  1. She was left in Kathmandu by her father to work somewhere.
  2. She was found by some other organization, in a really depressing state and left her in our care.

Past Condition:

  1. She was really aggressive and used to bite other students who were smaller than her.
  2. She used to walk around during night time.
  3. She used to throw things around.

Present Condition:

  1. After consulting her to a physicist, she now able to sleep soundly.
  2. Her biting habit has also been removed completely.
  3. She now helps other smaller children take care of their things and she has started acting like a responsible student.