Anil Karki

Disability: Intellectual Disability

Age: 15

Address: Okhaldhunga, Phulbari

Admission Date: 2073/02/18

Class For: Identify Colors and Drawing

Interest: Play Volleyball


  1. He was admitted to our organization by his parents.
  2. His parents are supportive and caring of their child.

Past Condition:

  1. He used to have skin problems.
  2. He used to run away from the house and wander around.
  3. He could not distinguish the state of the food (Hot or Cold) and used to eat his food whole without a moment of patience.
  4. He was not toilet-trained.

Present Condition:

  1. His skin problems were completely eradicated after consulting with the doctors.
  2. He now follows instructions and does not run away even when we take him to outing programs.
  3. His eating habits have improved to a lot.
  4. He is completely toilet-trained now.