Anamol Balak

Disability: Cerebral Palsy

Age: 12

Address: Lubhu, Lalitpur

Admission Date: 2072/03/24

Interest: Watch TV and Eat

Class For: Identify Basic Letter


  1. He was found near Patan District when he was 2 and a half months old.
  2. His parent’s whereabouts are still unknown.

Past Condition:

  1. His left side was almost half paralyzed and he was only able to crawl instead of walking.
  2. He was not able to use the Toilet as well and was always a bed-wetter.
  3. He did not have a sense of going to the bathroom.

Present Condition:

  1. He is now able to walk with the help of a stick or any other support.
  2. He shows interest in studying and is also good at it.
  3. Now he is properly toilet trained and goes to the toilet everytime he has to urinate.