Children are the backbone of a nation, the future of a nation. Everyone loves children for their innocence, and innocent activities. They lighten up and bring happiness to a family. But not all children are lucky enough to bring happiness to their family and have a strong relation with other members of the family. For example, the children suffering from Cerebral Palsy and various kinds of disabilities.

The children that need support of others for basic daily activities like walking and talking with others, are not easily accepted in a society. Some are even hated by their own parents, in most of the cases their father. This is the ugly truth of a society. Children with physical and mental incapability are not allowed to be part of any function as their parents think it could bring down the status of their family. They are treated as if they have committed a serious crime and forced to live a hard and painful life without love and care. In most cases, father of these types of children have left both the child and the mother to struggle and settled with someone else.

NDWC in particular, was established by such women who faced this kind of problem in hopes to bring changes to the lives of those children in coordination with various government organizations.