Special Education Program 2075

We conduct the following activities every month. But, we are not limited to the listed activities, instead, we also provide children with other Extra Curricular Activities as well based on the themes that are trending in that month (We base our activities according to the monthly theme. For Eg: Mangshir is for the Winter Clothes Theme, Falgun is for the Flower Theme etc.)




  1. Discussion on animals
  2. Class wise outing (1st week)
  3. Prepare card for Mother’s day
  4. Information program on topic “Mother”



  1. Information program on how to be safe during earthquake
  2. Physio class for the parents  (Last Week)



  1. Provide information about wild animals
  2. Plant paddy and serve Dahi Cheura (15th of Ashad)



  1. Talk about family
  2. Drawing Competition (Last week)
  3. Art by Mehendi



  1. Watch an animated movie of God Krishna
  2. Prepare card for Father’s day Celebrate “Gai Jatra” on 11th of Bhadra
  3. Talk about the clothes
  4. Celebrate Rakshya Bandhan



  1. Provide information about Dashain, the biggest festival of Nepal
  2. Plant Jamaras and educate students about its cultural importance.
  3. Dashain Programs



  1. Preparation of Kites
  2. Program of Kite flying
  3. Preparation of Tihar card
  4. Preparation and Distribution of Dashain Cards



  1. Discussion program on shapes and sizes
  2. Puppet show on World Disabled Day
  3. Information regarding flower garden



  1. Information about family
  2. Picnic program
  3. Celebrate Christmas



  1. Preparation of Laddu
  2. Information Program on vegetables
  3. Discussion on means of transportation
  4. A celebration of Saraswati Puja



  1. Pray for the lord Shiva on 27th of Falgun
  2. Sport week
  3. Talk about the future plan



  1. Discussion on vegetables
  2. Celebrate the festival of color, Holi (6th of Chaitra)