All the children of this organization are differently abled either physically, mentally or both. Among them, most of the children are not able to speak and communicate effectively which is an essential requirement in our lives. In addition, few of them do have problems with motor activities (walking, talking), activities for daily living. Hence, to fill the loopholes these children, they require special needs from a multidisciplinary team including Speech Pathologist, Physiotherapist, Doctors, Occupation Therapist, Psychologist etc.

Providing services from a multidisciplinary profession is difficult for us due to lack of economic status. Our organization provides speech therapy, physiotherapy, education from educators, monthly checkup from pediatrics doctors to bring the overall change in their lives. NDWC is seeking for economic support from a different governmental organization which helps us to make our services much better while hiring the required health professionals from different field to bring the drastic change on our children lives hence reducing the burden of the parents. Along with that, there is a need to spread the awareness on “knowledge of disability in children”, “need of multidisciplinary services to the special needs children”, “different ways to support the differently abled children”, “strength and weakness of special children” etc. NDWC is currently planning to create the awareness of disability in school, society, community hence to the nation.