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Subash Tamang

Disability: Cerebral Palsy

DOB: 2061/02/18

Address: Sailungeshwor, Dolakha

Admission Date: 2075/08/14

Interest: Likes to Sit Idle

Class For: Socialization


  1. He was rescued from Dolakha District is a very miserable state.
  2. Due to lack of education, his parents were not aware of how to take care of a child properly.
  3. He was roped to a Goat Shed when his parents used to go to work during the daytime.

News of Rescue:

Past Condition:

  1. He does not make eye contact properly.
  2. He was not toilet-trained.
  3. He cannot eat food himself and also cannot swallow hard food.
  4. He is not social in nature.

Present Condition:

  1. He was rescued recently, so his improvements will take some time.